Visp_naoqi Guide

Visp_naoqi is a C++ library, a bridge over ViSP and NaoQi. It is available on GitHub You can find a description of the software here.

Install visp_naoqi bridge


  • Install ViSP from source (See ViSP tutorials here)
  • Install and configure Naoqi C++ SDK (You can follow this guide)
  • Install Metapod library:
    • Clone the repository of Metapod library:
      git clone --recursive
    • Compile it (you will need liburdfdom or liburdf, see here):
  $ mkdir _build
  $ cd _build
  $ sudo make install
  • If you are using naoqi-sdk- (or newer) :
    • Rename naoqi-sdk- to /naoqi-sdk-
    • Open the file /naoqi-sdk- and rename two times None to None_ (lines 197,212)

Clone and build visp_naoqi

$ cd ~/romeo/workspace
$ git clone
$ qibuild configure -c toolchain_romeo -DVISP_DIR=/local/soft/ViSP/ViSP-build-release
$ qibuild make -c toolchain_romeo

Known issues

1) System libraries conflict:

$ qibuild configure -c toolchain_romeo -DVISP_DIR=/local/soft/ViSP/ViSP-build-release

CMake Warning at /udd/fspindle/.local/share/cmake/qibuild/target.cmake:85
Cannot generate a safe runtime search path for target image_viewer_opencv
because files in some directories may conflict with libraries in implicit

runtime library [] in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu may be hidden by
files in:

In that case, backup /local/soft/romeo/devtools/naoqi-sdk- and remove the files/naoqi-sdk-*

  $ cd /local/soft/romeo/devtools/naoqi-sdk-
  $ rm*

With the naoqi-sdk- we have another conflict with []. Remove the files libusb-1.* in /naoqi-sdk-

  $ cd /local/soft/romeo/devtools/naoqi-sdk-
  $ rm libusb-1.*

2) Macro names must be identifiers:

$ qibuild make -c toolchain_romeo

[ 20%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/visp_naoqi.dir/src/grabber/vpNaoqiGrabber.cpp.o
<command-line>:0:1: error: macro names must be identifiers
<command-line>:0:1: error: macro names must be identifiers
<command-line>:0:1: error: macro names must be identifiers

Edit /ViSP/ViSP-build-release/VISPConfig.cmake to replace




3) Conflicts with boost:

$ qibuild make -c toolchain_romeo

    Linking CXX executable sdk/bin/image_viewer_opencv
    /usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by   
    may conflict with

In that case, you have to build again ViSP turning Ogre support off: $ cd <ViSP build folder> $ cmake -DUSE_OGRE=OFF <path to ViSP source code> $ make -j8

4) metapod/algos/djac.hh: No such file or directory

  • Open the file CMakeLists.txt of METAPOD and add the line:
    in SET(${PROJECT_NAME}_ALGOS_HEADERS after include/${PROJECT_NAME}/algos/jac_point_chain.hh
  • Build and install Metapod again

5) ‘RotationMatrix’ is not a member of ‘metapod::Spatial’

If you have this error:

error: ‘RotationMatrix’ is not a member of ‘metapod::Spatial’
error: wrong number of template arguments (2, should be 3)
error: template argument 3 is invalid
error: ‘Joint’ does not name a type Joint joint;
  • Rename naoqi-sdk- to /naoqi-sdk- In this way CMake will find the right version of metapodfromurdf (in /usr/local/bin/metapodfromurdf).

Test model URDF for Metapod

In order to create a Metapod model it is necessary to symplify the original URDF model. To test it go to the folder /metapod/_build/metapodfromurdf (_build could have a different name, depending on what you choosed) and run:

metapodfromurdf pepper.urdf --name pepper --directory pepper

Sensor LOG

Record position and velocity Romeo Joints

  • Go via terminal in /local/soft/romeo/python/from-aldebaran/module_sensor_log
  • Run the sensor log: $ python --ip --port 9559
  • The sensor log will start to record all the position of the joints. To stop it press Ctrl+C.
  • A new txt file will be created in the directory (ex. sensorlog.txt_romeo_1412082576.txt)
  • Now we can plot the data using the script $ python --fileName sensorlog.txt_romeo_1412082576.txt --jointName RShoulderPitch --listPlot q dq
  • With --listPlot you can give one or more arguments among: q", "dq", "torque", "plot2d", "plot3d"

Velocity controller in joint space:

  • You can find a python script in /local/soft/romeo/python/Vel_Ctrl named $ python --ip --jointNameList NeckYaw --jointVelocityList +0.5

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