I am currently working as Autonomous Driving Engineer at Italdesign-Giugiaro in Turin (Italy).


Lagadic team at INRIA Rennes

Research activities of the Lagadic team deal with robot vision, visual servoing, real-time visual tracking and SLAM for applications in localization, manipulation, navigation, medical robotics and augmented reality. Visual servoing consists in using the information provided by a vision sensor to control the movements of a dynamic system. Such systems are usually robot arms, or mobile robots, but can also be virtual robots, or even a virtual camera.

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My job

2013-2017 - R&D Robotics Engineer

In November 2013 I joined the team Lagadic in INRIA Rennes led by François Chaumette with the role of R&D Robotics Engineer. My goal is to make robots smarter, helping them to perceive and understand our world and to take action autonomously.

I work on real-time detection, localization, pose estimation and tracking of different kinds of targets and I implemented state-of-the-art visual servoing algorithms that significantly improved the robustness and accuracy of several types of robots (mobile, humanoid, industrial robots and drones). To validate these approaches, I created numerous demonstrations using 2D and RGB-D cameras, radars and microphones.

I also worked on improving the perception and motion of the humanoid robots Romeo and Pepper. These robots can now track a target with their gaze, detect and follow a person, detect and grasp objects, deliver them to a human, manipulate them using two hands simultaneously and open a door.

I have contributed to the development of a framework based on ROS, MATLAB/Simulink, and V-REP, for a fast prototyping of robot control algorithms. This system allows testing sensor-based control algorithms before on simulated robots in V-REP and later on the real robots, with a few changes.

In the last years, I supervised several student internships and I am participating as a mentor in the Google Summer of Code. I also published scientific articles at IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L), ICRA’17 and Humanoids’16.

My background

My background

I graduated in Computer Engineering in Genoa (Italy) and later I obtained a double degree: Master in Robotics Engineering (University of Genoa) and Master ARIA in Advanced Robotics (École Centrale de Nantes). I also did an internship at IRCCYN on “Pose and velocity estimation for high-speed robot control” (using a vision system) under the supervision of Philippe Martinet. The goal of the thesis was to develop a method able to estimate the pose and the velocity of a high-speed parallel robot at a very high frequency (1 kHz- 2 kHz). My work was part of the French ANR Project ARROW: Design of Accurate and Fast Robots with Large Operational Workspaces

Italdesign - Pop.Up project (2017-2018)

INRIA - Vision-based demos with Pepper (2016-2017)

INRIA - Whole-body control and door opening demo with Romeo (2016)

INRIA - Some demos with Romeo (2014-2015)

INRIA - Interfacing Matlab with V-REP using ROS (2013)