The contains demos, classes, tools and data for the humanoid robot Romeo from Aldebaran.



  • Face detection using OpenCV Haar cascade.
  • Face detection and Recognition using the OKAO Vision library (ALFaceDetection naoqi module).
  • Color based object detection.


  • Face tracking and servoing of head and eyes to center it on the image.
  • Blobs tracking and servoing head and eyes to center it on the image.



  • Aim of the demo is grasp a box and to deliver it to an human. Here the steps of the demo:
  • Detect and track a box by color information.
  • Use keypoints to detect and estimate the pose of the box (with know cad model).
  • Track the box using the model-based tracker.
  • Grasp of the box.
  • Detect person and deliver the box.


  • Face detection (OpenCV library).
  • QR-Code detection (zbar library).
  • Servo arm and Servo head class.
  • Localization object with know model.
  • Detection object from color information (with learning color phase).

Software information

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