Intrinsic camera calibration for Nao/Romeo/Pepper with Visp

We will show here how to estimate the camera intrinsic parameters for the robot Nao, Romeo or Pepper, using the ViSP camera calibration tool.

First of all we need to have ‘ViSP’,visp_naoqi and the C++ SDK from Softbank. You can follow this guide.

Once everything is working we can run the program to estimate the parameters:

  • Go to the build folder of visp_naoqi via terminal
  • Run the program camera_calibration:

    Usage: ./sdk/bin/camera_calibration  [ --config <configuration file>.cfg] [--ip <robot address>] [--port <port robot>] [--cam camera_number] [--name camera_name] [--vga] [--help]

    Here the explanation of the options:

    • [ --config <configuration file>.cfg] The path to a configuration file where we define the kind of pattern we are using ( size of the grid and the dimension of the circle/square). You can find two examples here:(default-chessboard.cfg)[] or (default-circles.cfg)[]
    • [--ip <robot address>] Se the IP of the robot.
    • [--port <port robot>] Se the port of the robot: default 9559.
    • [--cam camera_number] Choose the camera you want to use. For Pepper and Nao 0 = TopCamera, 1 = BottomCamera.
    • [--name camera_name] Set the name of the camera.
    • [--vga] if you want to set the camera at the resolution of 640x480. Default resolution: 320x240
    $ ./sdk/bin/camera_calibration --config /udd/gclaudio/romeo/cpp/workspace/visp_naoqi/tools/calibration/default-circles.cfg --cam 0 --name cameraTopPepper --ip

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